Prophets Old and New / Freedom and the Law


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Prophets Old and New – It is eerie how often prophecy describes events that are directed to the last days of human history. Does prophecy intrigue you because you want to know what the future holds? But is that the real reason prophecy is given? You need to know. When you read the Bible, do you ever feel like you’re reading an op-ed piece on current events? A peculiarity of biblical prophecy is that it has a way of recurring. Every prophet speaks out of history and to his own generation. Human nature hasn’t changed. But neither has Divine nature. We keep making the same mistakes over and over again. So what will the results be?

Freedom and the Law – When the framers of the American Constitution first gathered, they faced a fundamental question. The question was not merely, can we create a free republic? The question was, can we create a free republic that will remain free? What element is required for a nation to remain free? Os Guinness says, “You cannot use law to hold back a moral landslide. It simply won’t do it. You’ll just add to the laws.” Just as Germany produced the most horrendous evil the world had seen, Mr. Guinness fears America could go in the same direction. Are you sure you know the one thing that can stop our nation’s moral landslide?

This program is also available in the Let Freedom Ring series.