Prince of Death / Is God Really There?


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Prince of Death – Daniel received an astounding message from a very powerful spiritual being. What is hair-raising about this account is that this powerful being had to fight his way into the Persian Empire to speak to Daniel. But that’s not the spooky part. He couldn’t handle it alone. Do you know who came to help this powerful spiritual being? But who, pray tell, was the fellow who was holding them off? Daniel was situated smack dab in the middle of what is now Iraq. Could this explain some of the craziness we see in Iraq? Are our Marines fighting the devil on his home turf? But there’s more. You need to understand the disturbing pervasive spirit of hatred—the presence of the Prince of Death—that exists in the world today.

This program is also available in the Death & Resurrection series.

Is God Really There? – How has the persistent teaching of evolution eroded the morality of our people? What is the guiding force today, or spirit of the age? It’s not an idea of truth, but a philosophy. Do you understand what that philosophy is and the unintended consequences of the guiding force? The idea that man is an accident of the universe, a product of blind chance? Learn what part morality plays in this and more.