Preparing for the Worst / The Solitary Man


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Preparing for the Worst – In “the Rape of Nanking,” four years before the US entered World War II, the Japanese killed half the population of Nanking. It was by far the worst single atrocity in that war. Yet there is little or no mention of Japan’s war of conquest in history books in China. This was shocking. It was the Japanese goal to utterly wipe out the people of Nanking. You need to understand how bad it got and the lessons for you in this atrocity.

This program is also available in the Sword of Islam series.

The Solitary Man – When God created man, He said that it was not good for him to be alone. He not only created Eve to be Adam’s wife, but He created a relationship – marriage. Learn how Rousseau, in the 18th century, shaped much of today’s liberal thinking and penetrated our schools. The self-esteem movement grew out of his teachings. Individuals are the sole ultimate reality – that man should be independent of anything or anyone other than the state, he taught. Learn how isolated individuals are most vulnerable, and learn personal and church lessons from this message.