Practicing Your Faith / The Psychopath


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Practicing Your Faith – After years of marriage, we can take one another for granted at some level. At the same time, love calls on us to be attentive to one another. All too often we half-listen to what our mates are saying. Do you take your faith for granted in much the same way? Here lies a paradox you need to understand. When you come to a crossroads in your life, a decision you must make, and have a clear principle in the Bible as to what you ought to do, is it necessary to ask God to show you what to do? Or do you weary God, asking nonsensical questions? Is it possible to weary God? Listen as Ronald L. Dart explains that God will never dis-empower you and will do little that relieves you of the responsibility for your own actions.

The Psychopath – Are there some people in the world, even some families of people, who are irredeemably wicked? Can you become one of them? We would rather think like Father Flanagan: There are no bad boys, only boys doing bad things. Two things should give us pause on this issue: the Bible and psychology. Ron Dart took a fresh look at the mind-boggling evil of the Columbine shooting in this broadcast. Those who studied this crime believed Harris to be irretrievable. He was a brilliant killer without a conscience, searching for the most diabolical scheme imaginable. Learn how the Bible tells us that such people exist and how they will be dealt with.