Overcome by the World / When Your Church Lets You Down


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Overcome by the World – What could the relationship be between a 13-year-old girl playing the harlot with men she meets on the internet on the one hand, and pedophile priests on the other hand? Must it be true that institutions of religion conform to the culture of which they are a part? Is that what your Bible says? Learn what you can do as Ronald Dart explores this crisis of the Christian faith in the light of Scripture.

When Your Church Lets You Down – Christ said he would build his church and the gates of hell would not prevail against it. Then how can a church fail? Corruption isn’t supposed to happen within a church. Clear thinkers should know that every church is composed of men. And . . . men are apt to let you down. Here is Dart’s first principle of Christian disillusionment: To whatever extent you carry illusions, disillusionment is a good thing. You can’t afford to let the failures of your church pull you down. You can’t afford to let it rob your life of meaning. All too often churches let us down. You need a CD of this Born to Win program so you can be prepared when it happens to you.