On Death and Resurrection #1 / On Death and Resurrection #2


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On Death and Resurrection #1 – Early Christians were ordinary people like you. Lamentably, scholarly work rarely finds its way to the pulpit. Not only do pastors have little time to read theology, they’re afraid of disturbing the complacency of members because that could result in hard-to-answer questions. A recent book by an Anglican Bishop advanced the heretical idea that Christians don’t go straight to heaven when they die. Greek philosophy has influenced the Christian faith, reflecting a Greek worldview. You need to understand the role Socrates and Plato played in developing the immortal soul doctrine and Socrates’ philosophy of death contrasted with the death of Jesus. From this CD you’ll also understand why Jesus feared death and what the first Christians believed about it.

This program is also available in the Death & Resurrection series.

On Death and Resurrection #2 – It’s rare to find a scholar who pays careful attention to what the first Christians taught and believed. Pastors and preachers see nothing wrong with today’s church not believing exactly the same as the early Christian church. After all, they are learned men, and early Christians were “primitive.” Shouldn’t the starting place for any theological discussion begin with those who heard Christ teach? First Christians universally compared death to sleep. None of the First Christians would have conducted a funeral and said the dear departed had joined the heavenly choir. So what happens to a person at death? Death is the ultimate enemy. Learn the truth about where your hope after this life lies.

This program is also available in the Death & Resurrection series.