Moses and the Constitution / The Test of a Prophet


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Moses and the Constitution – Would you like to take a shortcut to understanding biblical law? You’re certainly not alone. Many Christians have done exactly that. The most common approach is to divide the Law into types-moral, ceremonial, and judicial. Does the moral law continue while other parts of the Law are passed away? A shortcut to understanding biblical law may not be what’s needed. Getting a CD of this broadcast can show you the answers. You can learn from the framers of our own Constitution. Do you want the Supreme Court’s opinions to “reflect the evolving standards of decency of a maturing society”? But what if the society not only evolves, it rots?

The Test of a Prophet – It seems that we are heading into some very bad times. Is God disinterested, or at least detached? Where can you find a real prophet? How will you know if he is genuine? Prophets aren’t always to be found where you expect to find them. Learn from this message that there are two categories of biblical prophecy-oral and written. God doesn’t send a prophet to tell you what you should already know. Why should God send more prophets when we haven’t listened to the ones He has sent? When you hear a prophet’s message, you need to be able to tell if the prophet is sent from God.