Making Life Better / Negotiating with the Devil


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Making Life Better – Is it time for you to save another tree? Some time ago, Time magazine was bloviating about the environment, and it occurred to me that one thing I could do to save the environment was to not renew my subscription. Sooner or later, that will save a tree. Newsweek is going the same way. That’s two trees. I’ve decided to keep US News. Their year-end issue had 50 ways to improve your life. Some ideas were good and some made me groan. After various ideas—such as learn Arabic, and teach your child to drive—the article gets down to a valuable message: Divorce Proof Your Marriage. Whether you’re married or will be someday, this article is well worth having a tree cut down so you can listen to this most relevant message.

Negotiating with the Devil – I was seven years old when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the years ahead saw us occupied with the defeat of fascism. I didn’t know what it meant. I just knew it was bad. As fascism rears its ugly head again in our world, many still don’t know what it means because more than a few people object to the term “Islamofascism.” With Islamofascism, a new element—religion—is added to the mix. Without a doubt a movement is afoot to exalt Islam above the individual; that stands for centralized government headed by a dictatorial leader who forcibly imposes severe economic and social regimentation to suppress the opposition. World events are happening so fast, you need this message to clearly understand them.