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Love and Marriage – Divorce is a nasty business. It’s especially nasty for the children. In the ‘70s, some states started passing no-fault divorce laws to take the acrimony out of divorce. Divorce rates rose steadily until 1990 when about half of all marriages ended in divorce. The increased divorce rate leveled off because the number of marriages dropped off. People began shacking up instead getting married. People marry for the benefits, and when the benefits are no longer there, they end the relationship—as they would with a long distance phone company. Guess who wins? Usually no one. Women and children are the real losers. Who instituted marriage? How did Jesus feel about divorce? Learn what can be done to slow the divorce rate.

This program is also available in the Marriage and Family series.

Love and Sex – As teen pregnancy became more common in schools, educators decided the problem was ignorance and they began to teach sex education in high school. The problem fell prey to the law of unintended consequences. Teen pregnancies and STD rates went up instead of down. School administrators decided to hand out free condoms at school. Once again, the law of unintended consequences came into play and teenage pregnancy and the STD rates went up even faster. These educators are long on idealism and short on common sense, leaving your sons and daughters expecting babies, infected with syphilis, or carted off to the abortion clinic. Learn what you should be doing to make a difference.

This program is also available in the Marriage and Family series.