Living Together / For the Children


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Living Together – Something is terribly wrong with sex education in our schools. Barbara Whitehouse observed in an article, How We Mate, that major changes have taken place in the mating habits of our nation. Single moms are trapped when their little boys start acting like boys. They need a male mentor for their darling baby boys who grow up as rage-filled teenagers. Learn how these single moms are at a terrible competitive disadvantage competing with child-free single women, how their children are at risk with their live-in boyfriends molesting their children, and the ploys they use. Parents, this Born to Win message is an absolute must for you and your teenage girls to hear. It could save them from a world of misery and more.

For the Children – The US Supreme Court has struck down as unconstitutional a Texas law outlawing sodomy. Establishing a right to gay marriage is probably just around the corner. Why does the government, the State, have anything to say about marriage at all? Why does the State outlaw polygamy? Regulate divorce? Why does the State accord favorable treatment to married couples, who enjoy rights that unmarried couples do not? Learn the biblical reason for marriage and why the State, irrespective of religion, has an interest in regulating marriage.

This program is also available in the Marriage Has a Price Tag series.