Let the Prophets Speak / The Test of a Prophet


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Let the Prophets Speak – If God were to send a prophet to us today, what would he have to say? What would his message be? In Ron Dart’s view, the mere presence of a prophet is reason to become apprehensive. God does not usually send a prophet to tell us how well we are doing. Can’t we remember what God said long ago to a people just like us? God said that it would come to pass that if they would listen to Him carefully, and observe all His commandments attentively, that the Lord God would set them on high above all the nations of the earth. And just look at where we are today. We have stood alone as the world’s only superpower. How is it possible for a nation so great to have so great a fall? Ron Dart will help guide you through prophecy that explains what is happening to our great nation.

The Test of a Prophet – It seems that we are headed into some really bad times. Is God disinterested, or at least detached? Where can you find a real prophet? How will you know if he is genuine? Learn from this message by Ronald L. Dart that there are two categories of biblical prophecy—oral and written. Why should God send more prophets when we haven’t listened to the ones He has sent? This favorite Speaker’s Choice selection is complemented by its companion, Let the Prophets Speak, above.