Leadership Lost / The Spirit of Antichrist


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Leadership Lost – Do you remember Abraham Lincoln’s famous words about our government being “of the people, by the people, and for the people”? Whether you go to the polls and vote or not, think about this. Can you escape responsibility for what our leaders do and don’t do? Can we sidestep the issue if there are no strong leaders? Are we expecting too much of our leaders and too little of ourselves? This Born to Win program takes you back to Jerusalem in the days of Isaiah the prophet. Assyria had invaded and besieged Jerusalem and destroyed much of Judah. Their leaders were gone. But why would God take away the leadership of the country when they needed their leaders the most? You need to understand what happens to a nation and its people when sin is committed, and how this applies to us today.

The Spirit of Antichrist – When you read this title, did an evil, end-time strongman who dominates much of the world and persecutes God’s people come to mind? Is this person the “man of sin” that Paul speaks of in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4? Is it a Muslim? Or is it a person, or people, right in your church? How can you know? One thing these people have in common is a diminishing of the identity and role of Jesus Christ, and consequently a bias against both John and Paul. To grasp the serious implications in this broadcast, you need to understand the antichrist is not a single person and is present in many churches today, as it was in AD 60 Hearing this message is a must for all Christians.