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Of the books Ron Dart has written, Law & Covenant is perhaps the most important because these two ideas are fundamental to the message of the Bible. Yet they are shockingly misunderstood and misapplied. Some take a literal approach to biblical law and adopt customs that make no sense in the modern world. Others think that the Law has become irrelevant or, even worse, it has been abolished and nailed to the cross.

Man has made a fundamental error in understanding the Law. We tend to think of the Law as regulatory and absolute because this is the way we encounter the world. Some think the Law is arbitrary. But God doesn’t make mistakes. The Law is a revelation of the way things are. Law is about understanding God and his purpose for man. Covenant is closely related because it is about knowing God, personally, intimately, and about being in a relationship with him. Nothing is more central to the Christian relationship with God than the covenant we have with Jesus.

Law & Covenant will untangle mysteries and bring simple, understandable insights. Ronald Dart addresses such provocative questions as:

  • Can a society regulate morality?
  • Are there limits to any perceived right to privacy?
  • Can a Christian own a slave?

Table of Contents

  • The Jigsaw Principle
  • Law and Meaning
  • Jewish Law
  • Freedom and the Law
  • The Avenger
  • The Pagan Feminine
  • The Meaning of Grace
  • Covenant, First Step
  • The Social Contract
  • Covenant and Government
  • The Purpose of the Law
  • Understanding the Law
  • Moses and the Constitution
  • Divorce Law
  • Immigration Law
  • The Problem with Sin
  • On Being Perfect
  • The Oldest Covenant
  • Israel and the Covenant
  • The Newest Law

Ronald Dart will take you deeper into the Word of God than you’ve gone before—to a higher logic of the Law. He presents an interesting worldview that will make it hard to put this book down.

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