Knowing the Word (Book 3): Old Testament Themes


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Ronald L. Dart asked, “How on earth are we going to come to know God without the Bible?” That is a very good question. He speaks of the importance of knowing the word in his sermon, The Word Was Precious, in particular. In that message, he discusses the coming famine of the word prophesied in Amos 8:11, and strongly encourages us to prepare by hiding the word of God in our hearts where it cannot be taken away (Psalm 119:11).

It is in this spirit that Christian Educational Ministries’ Scripture memory program, Knowing the Word, was created. It is designed to facilitate individual and family Scripture memorization. Who knows when the prophecy in Amos will be fulfilled? A famine of hearing the words of the Lord might be closer than we know, and God’s inspired words, written on our hearts and minds, could become some of the only remnants left in a world lacking any printed Bibles.