It’s In Your Genes / Free Love


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It’s In Your Genes – Did you know that science is suggesting that our genes not only provide the basic framework for an individual’s physical features, but may actually be involved in shaping personality? Human beings have a genetic predisposition for spoken language that is at its peak during a narrow time in a child’s life What evidence is there in the Bible that we humans also have a narrow time in our lives during which we are predisposed toward God? Learn how God’s commandment to talk to our children about him and his law may have its foundation in the fundamental genetic structure of man.

Free Love – In this probing Born to Win broadcast special, Ronald Dart examines the Oneida experiment with “free love” in the 1850s. One man attempted to free couples from exclusive devotion to one another so that the community he formed might experience his concept of kinship and community ties he thought stronger than the traditional family. You will come to appreciate more than ever the divine wisdom of the Creator who ordained marriage and family.
br/>This program is also available in the Marriage Has a Price Tag series.