Israel and the Covenant #1 / Israel and the Covenant #2


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Israel and the Covenant #1 – This insightful broadcast explores the covenants and helps you understand whether there are two covenants, one for the Jews and one for Christians. Churches that decide they no longer need or want the Old Testament do themselves mortal harm. The statement “New Covenant” implies that the first covenant is old. The making of a New Covenant suggests that the Old Covenant actually passes when the New Covenant is made. Learn with whom the New Covenant is made. Who is the Mediator? Has this New Covenant already been made? If so, when? How does the New Covenant impact your life?

Israel and the Covenant #2 – What is the relationship of the Jewish people to God? Against all odds and great opposition, the nation of Israel has survived while being surrounded by Arab nations. How could this happen? Are they still God’s beloved for the sake of their forefathers? Do they remain in some sort of covenant relationship with God even though they rejected Christ? Paul asserts in Romans that the Jews have only stumbled. They are branches broken off from the good olive tree, but are capable of being grafted on again. How and when does this happen? This message will deepen your understanding as you discover important, relevant things about the Old Covenant.