Is Hitler Dead? / The New Bigotry


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Is Hitler Dead? – Hitler is Dead! Really? This was the blaring headline on the May 2002 issue of the New Republic. As late as 1955 people were still speculating that Hitler was alive in Argentina with his lieutenants plotting another war. But the article wasn’t about Hitler being dead. It was about the Ethnic Panic, as the author called it, of the Jews—the ever dying people. Israel has only one image of itself as the ever dying people, forever on the verge of ceasing to be. The overwhelming majority of the Jews think of themselves being lost and fear another holocaust. Will there be a second holocaust? This Born to Win program will answer that and so many other fascinating questions about evil.

The New Bigotry – People who are being carelessly described as liberals these days are anything but liberals. Liberalism in the old sense referred to a political party associated with ideals of individual freedom, especially economic. Let Ron Dart walk you through the progression to becoming a radical bigot and how it led to Hitler, the Ayatollah, and more Muslims in Holland than the Dutch know what to do with. These people who are against Democracy aren’t pro-choice; they are pro-abortionists attempting to turn our children’s hearts to another faith. Learn how Christians should respond.