In Fear of Islam / The Survival of Jerusalem


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In Fear of Islam – It may seem strange to us that Muslims have as much to fear from militant Islam as the rest of the world. They have killed far more Muslims than Christians, and it will probably continue to be so. It is popular to blame Israel for much of the Muslim violence, but Israel had nothing to do with the Iran/Iraq war which, according to some sources, cost one million lives. Violence is a fact of life in many Muslim nations. Learn from this message if Islam itself is the problem.

Survival of Jerusalem – So much blood has been shed in the City of Jerusalem. What did the Egyptians, Greeks, Turks, Babylonians and Romans see in that city? Then there are the Muslims. Why do they want to destroy the Israelis? Jerusalem is a holy place for Muslims too. Yet they have so much land, and oil, and wealth. So why do they want Jerusalem? Is their claim to Jerusalem being their holy place a carefully crafted legend to say, “We are as good as you are. Our prophet ascended into heaven from Jerusalem as well”? Was the motive jealousy of two better religions? You need to learn how the prophecy of the Lord’s Day applies, at least in principle.