In Defense of Marriage / Before the Beginning


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In Defense of Marriage – Same sex marriage amounts to a vast social experiment on children. Evolutionists will move heaven and earth to save an endangered species, but won’t cross the street to save the institution of marriage. Does society have the right to judge matters of morality, and legislate moral behavior? If it does, would it also have the right to coercion of the law to enforce it? If yes, should it use the weapons of war in all cases, in some cases, and in accordance with what principles? What has Congress tried to do with “The Defense of Marriage Act”? Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards didn’t know. Do you?

This program is also available in the Marriage Has a Price Tag series.

Before the Beginning – Stretch your imagination and think about time before the beginning. Imagine God alone standing as the only light in the dark where there was nothing else – for untold eons of time. It doesn’t make sense that God stood alone in the dark for the eternity that existed before He created anything. The Bible and science agree there was a beginning. Science can only look at what is physical. Angels were created. What about time before angels? Before you get completely lost out here in space, order this CD to guide you to the truth.