How to Live in Hard Times / The Next Real Prophet


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How to Live in Hard Times – Since the founding of our nation until today, the world has become as different as darkness and daylight. We’ve had the Roaring Twenties, WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, the technology explosion, a break with tradition, and greed everywhere as the economy expanded. No one had a clue what was coming on 9/11, but do you have a clue what is coming in your lifetime? No government can “keep us safe.” So what can you reasonably do? This CD can help you prepare a Disaster Supply Kit for hurricanes, crippling ice storms, regional riots, widespread power outages, even some kinds of terrorist attacks. And it takes you a step further—mental and spiritual preparedness for you and your family. Learn the things God expects you to do.

This program is also available in the Christians in Winter series.

The Next Real Prophet – It is possible that we would ever have a real prophet show up in our country—someone who would tell us the truth about what we are doing, where we are going wrong, and where it will finally take us? If a prophet really came, would we listen? I’m not asking if the politicians in Washington would listen to him. What about you and me? People who claim to be prophets are a dime a dozen. So how can you tell if you encounter a real prophet? Elijah was a real prophet. Would you have paid attention to him? He was a hairy man, wearing a leather girdle, whose appearance looked more like someone who rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle. He was blunt, and not an eloquent speaker. Identifying a prophet’s type is only part of the puzzle. What will it take for people to listen to his message? 9/11 wasn’t enough? So what will it take?