Hard-Wired to Religion / Religious Exclusivism


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Hard-Wired to Religion – The word “hard-wired” entered into the language of psychology and neuroscience as a description of that part of the human mind we are all born with. Some neuroscientists think we’re “genetically hard-wired” toward religious convictions. In the absence of revelation, man can come to a pretty good estimation of right and wrong. But the mind alone won’t get you all the way. Learn what will, why you can’t eradicate religion from human beings by education, and more about the religious sensibility in the environmental movement.

Religious Exclusivism – Did you know that even the Apostle Peter fell prey to religious exclusivism? You may not have tumbled to it, but there was even a political party in the New Testament church—the party of the circumcision that was encountered again and again. One reason this party existed was because everyone had been acculturated to a particular worldview. God was the God of the Jews, not the Gentiles. However, on Paul’s and Barnabas’ first missionary journey, the Jews rejected the Gospel while the Gentiles accepted it. There’s a world of understanding in this sermon you need to know.