God, in Person / The Greatest Leader


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God, in Person – Is God everywhere? Is he in every leaf of every tree? Does he permeate the cosmos with his being? Is he in every blade of grass? Well ,yes and no. God is in every blade of grass in the same way I am in a transceiver I built years ago and later sold. You might even find some of my DNA in that radio, because I got a little careless with my tools. But I am not there, I am here. God took steps to ensure that men could know that he is personal. He came in the flesh. But then, isn’t the One who was with God, also God? For John, this is the most important thing about God that you will need to know. You need to understand there will come a time when he will see: He will see, and he will judge.

The Greatest Leader – Who in the Bible is the greatest example of leadership other than Jesus himself? Without a doubt, the man is David. His name, mentioned more than 1,000 times in the Old Testament, needs no modifier. It it not necessary to say “King David” for any Bible reader or student to know who you are talking about. What made David, the most influential and dominant man in the Old Testament, such a great leader? Get this most important CD and you will learn valuable leadership principles from studying the approach David used in situations he faced as a man and as a king