Fairness and the Christian #1 / Fairness and the Christian #2


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Fairness and the Christian #1 – Fairness is a good old American value, and it is a basic Christian value as well. But what is fair? Do you think the purpose of paying income taxes is to create revenues to pay for our government? In a recent presidential debate we learned that’s not true in every case. I learned there is a fundamental difference between the candidates on something even more basic. In the minds of some political types, taxes serve the purpose of social engineering. What kind of a society should we have? In the broadest possible terms, should it be collectivist or individualist? You need this CD to learn what those terms mean to you and how they can impact your life and our country.

Fairness and the Christian #2 – The odds are when a politician talks about fairness, he is speaking of taking something away from one person and giving it to another. Never forget that if you pay taxes in any form, the government is taking your money. A tax refund is your money, not the government’s. Learn from this CD if it is legitimate for the government to take money from all of us to use for all of us—to tax gasoline to build roads, and to pay for the military that protects our national interest. But more important, is it legitimate for the government to take your money and give it to me? Helping the poor is a Christian value, but it what is the government’s responsibility?