Facing the Tidal Wave / On Predestination


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Facing the Tidal Wave – How can you believe in a God who permits suffering? There are some misplaced faiths that should be upset. Faith that is faith bound up with comfort and ready answers is wrong. Couldn’t God have made a world for man that was not dangerous? Actually he did—he made two worlds—one that was safe and one that wasn’t. This message will make it clear why we don’t live in the safe world. Think about it. We live in the dangerous world because that is the way we want it. A world with hurricanes, volcanoes, tornadoes, tsunamis, meteors, and asteroids is what we have, not because it is what God wanted, but because it is what we wanted. Learn why this is.

On Predestination – Did the First Christians believe that a person’s life is completely mapped out before he is born? Did they believe that one person is born destined to be saved, while another is born destined to be lost? The beliefs of today’s Christians differ in many ways from the First Christians. Many Protestants believe in predestination at some level. But think about it. Life and death can hang on simple choices a person makes—such as the way he turns at an intersection—that could result in a fatal accident. Does God predetermine which way the driver turns, or does the driver make that choice? There’s much for you to learn from the story of Nineveh that is expounded in this Born to Win broadcast.