Extreme Grace / Disillusionment and Redemption


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Extreme Grace – How do you think God would judge an infraction of the Law when a man lied to the priest and used classic rationalization to convince him to give the hallowed bread to the man’s hungry soldiers? The Law only allowed priests to eat the holy bread, but the priest gave it to this man. If you were the judge, what would you do about this infraction? For it is beyond dispute that it was an infraction of the Law. This most important Born to Win broadcast will expand your knowledge and attitude towards God’s grace. You need to hear this CD to become more Christ-like, and surprisingly, you’ll learn how grace is an Old Testament doctrine.

Disillusionment and Redemption – Is disillusionment necessary for redemption? The mentor relationship is a classic example, as the protégé thinks his mentor has the answer to everything. When he realizes his mentor has feet of clay, he may become disillusioned and then become his own man. Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, and even Jim Jones, are examples of religious gurus for many who became disillusioned. Adolph Hitler swept a whole nation along after him in an insane crusade for power that led to millions of deaths. Venal, crooked politicians will stand in line at the day of judgment to face God’s verdict on the things they have done and the people they have hurt. Learn from this CD why we accept illusions, who is to blame, and why disillusionment comes so hard.