Expectations of Marriage / The Music of Divorce


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Expectations of Marriage – Many people today think marriage requires no preventive maintenance. More and more couples try living together before marriage to see whether they will be compatible. You’d think the marriages that result from such a trial would last. But they don’t. Couples who live together before marriage have a 46% higher divorce rate than couples who do not. A recent magazine article made an interesting observation: we no longer desire a reliable mate, we want someone who can make us happy. That means people are entering marriage expecting something no partner can possibly provide. What should we expect from marriage, if not happiness?

This program is also available in the Marriage Has a Price Tag series.

The Music of Divorce – What motivates songwriters? People listen to music because it speaks to them and echoes their lives—their fears, their hopes, and even their anger. If your kids are listening to what sounds to you like so much noise, otherwise known as rock music, it is because it is speaking to them. Listen to the lyrics, and you’ll be stunned to hear a cry from the hearts of a generation that have had ringside seats to divorce and abandonment. Is no-fault divorce a symptom of a disease in our society? Or is it, instead, the cause of the disease? Where do you suppose God will lay the blame when he comes to judge?

This program is also available in the Marriage Has a Price Tag series.