Everyone Needs to Give / About the Jewish Sabbath #3


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Everyone Needs to Give – Why is a man expected, even commanded to give to God? Let’s clear the air. If you get upset when a minister talks about money, or assume he’s trying to line his own pockets, please do not send any money to that ministry. However, I ask that you hear me out. This sermon is for you and not for me. It could be a life-changing experience for you and that is important. Among other things you’ll learn from this broadcast how God explains in a Psalm that he doesn’t need your gifts;after all, he owns everything. You will also learn how you, not God, are the bountiful beneficiary of your gifts to Him.

About the Jewish Sabbath #3 – What did the First Christians believe about the Jewish Sabbath? What was their practice during those early years? Did they really switch from Sabbath to Sunday, or did they continue observing the Sabbath as they had done all their lives? Did you know that even the non-Jews among the first Christians were already God-fearers and Jews to give up the seventh day Sabbath? Is there a place in the New Testament that says Christians should no longer keep the Sabbath and start observing Sunday? It’s time for you to search the Scriptures to learn the truth about which day Christians should observe today. This CD will provide exciting and remarkable insights to a new relationship with Jesus, your Savior.