Doctrinal Self-Defense: ANT Control in the Digital Age


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Authored by Pam Dewey and Ronald L. Dart.

There is an endless stream of wannabe gurus peddling Astounding New Truths (ANTs) about prophecy, obscure doctrinal topics, hidden codes in the Bible, or lost keys to getting your prayers answered. What is really astounding is how easily so many of these gurus gather a following through their literature, recordings, websites, and broadcasts–no matter how outlandish or unsubstantiated their claims. If your home or church congregation has been infested with these sorts of ANTs, you may wonder what you can do to defend yourself and your loved ones. This essential book is designed to help you. It answers such questions as:

  • Which Astounding New Truths are you likely to run into at church or on the Internet?
  • What should you do if a friend insists that you must consider the claims of some new guru and his ANT?
  • What do you do and say when subtle pressure is brought to bear by a person peddling ANTs?
  • How open-minded does God expect you to be with ANTs?
  • When the Bible says to prove all things does that mean you are obligated to read every book, booklet, and leaflet, or listen to every CD that someone hands you?
  • How do you handle persuasive challenges such as: Aren’t you interested in new truth?
  • Do you really owe it to a friend to listen to a CD or sermon that departs from traditional teachings of the church?
  • Just how important is tradition to God and the church?

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