Demonic Warfare / Islam and the Age of Reason


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Demonic Warfare – When survivors of the Holocaust speak, the rest of us would do well to listen. One survivor said of his captors: “These men were not human. Human beings don’t do what they did.” Was he speaking figuratively or literally, suggesting a nonhuman class of being? It’s not sophisticated to speak of a real, personal devil. Learn how Jesus Himself had an encounter with a nonhuman being. Some explain this as a metaphor. Auschwitz, Dachau, and Buchenwald were not metaphors. Hitler and the SS were not metaphors. They were quite literal to the very literal people who died there. You need to hear this broadcast to understand the presence of evil in the world and the impact it has on your family, your life, your future.

Islam and the Age of Reason – There is a collective insanity that grips all too many Arab societies, and pervades those nations that have converted to the religion of the Arabs—Islam. Sir John Glubb said the Arab peoples have never, at any time in their history, been united except under force of arms. Does this shed any light on why so many Arab countries are governed by dictators or monarchs? But does the Bible shed any light on the nature, the kind of people the Arabs will be throughout history? Among other things you’ll learn from this message is how irrational it is to advance the faith at the point of a sword. And while reason is compatible with the Christian faith, it is not a factor in Islam.