Darwin vs. Reason / God Loves a Mystery


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Darwin vs. Reason – Could the flap over intelligent design be a sign that we’re doing something right? Darwinists theorize about the origins of life, but can’t create intelligent life on purpose. God’s existence is outside their purview, but they tell us with certainty that nature is all there is, or ever shall be. Learn from this broadcast what they are saying, even in little children’s books.

God Loves a Mystery – The Bible says, “It is a glory to God to conceal a matter.” So what kind of stuff does He hide from us? There’s a vexing problem in Romans that God has concealed. Why were so many Jews, God’s people, rejecting the Gospel outright? Paul likens the Jews to olive branches that are broken off, and Gentiles as being grafted in. There are some things we can find out by solving the mystery. This broadcast will help you understand why God got the Jews out of the way so the Gentiles could have salvation.