Created Equal / The Mind Reader


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Created Equal – Have you ever wondered why, year after year, only one person was healed at the pool called Bethesda? Has this disturbed you? A blind man might not see the moving of the water. A deaf man might not hear it. A lame man couldn’t reach it fast enough. Imagine yourself about to touch the water. Suddenly you realized the person next to you was far sicker than you and would die if he wasn’t first to touch the water. Jesus was there the day this story was told. But he only healed one man on this day, just as the waters might have done. That one man won the lottery. The rest did not. Does this seem unfair? Learn how what lies behind this story is even more interesting than the incident itself.

The Mind Reader – Can God read your mind? Does he know your thoughts? Does he know the secrets of your heart—all the time? Remember the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden after they had eaten the forbidden fruit? The couple realized they were naked and hid themselves. God came into the Garden, called out to them, and asked where they were. If God knows everything, didn’t he know where they were? Does this seem to limit God, whom we have thought had no limits? Learn from this CD what the answer is. You may be surprised how God really reads your mind.