Compassionate Conservatism / A Corrupt Media


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Compassionate Conservatism – Does it sound right to you when politicians talk about compassionate conservatism? Is this just “spin”? Perhaps in a less generous mood, one might call this political speak lying. Are there lessons for you to learn in the Parable of the Good Samaritan? Why is the Samaritan important? Without him, there is no parable. But that doesn’t entirely answer the question. What’s the difference in the Samaritan and expecting a government to show compassion? Learn what compassion is and where it can and should come from.

A Corrupt Media – The proliferation of media outlets in this internet age has forced the media to virtually scream for attention. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair spelled out how the media go about the process of seeking impact at almost any price. They go for scandal and controversy, he said, ahead of ordinary reporting. “News is rarely news unless it generates heat as much as or more than light. The media attack motive instead of attacking judgment…[they] hunt in a pack. They are like a feral beast, just tearing people and reputations to bits.” Learn how the FTC determines if an ad is deceptive and how our republic is in serious danger because our watchdogs are asleep at the switch, or have taken sides.