Circle of Violence / The Wages of Violence


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Circle of Violence – Our world is no stranger to violence. What drives man to violence? What can be done about it? Not much. Removing all guns isn’t the answer. Studies confirm violent media contributes to physical aggression and has an effect on how children treat one another. This seems so evident that one wonders why a sturdy even had to be done. Have we not known children to imitate what they see? Kids rated as the meanest were the ones who watched the most violent media. As kids get older and become artists, will their own violence find its way into their products? Does a violent media create a violent society, or does a violent society create a violent media?

The Wages of Violence – Do you remember the uproar in the press and on television over the R. J. Reynolds tobacco company using Joe Camel to corrupt our youth and get them to start smoking? Do you remember all the tobacco lawsuits and the billions of dollars the tobacco companies were forced to pay? If we can hold the tobacco companies and McDonald’s responsible for people being hurt, why can’t we hold HBO and the producers of “The Sopranos,” or all violent media, responsible for imparting the idea to kids to murder? What we want to see is accountability. If you are a parent, you need this program. It lays out steps to protect your child from seeing too much media violence and to save them from its consequences.