Christians in Winter: How to Live in Hard Times




For the past 50 years we’ve been living in rare economic good times. What lies ahead may be more “normal.” We’re now teetering on the brink, wondering if a real 12-year depression lies ahead (as it did in 1929). Should you hide your money in your mattress? Will it take a war to bring us out of this economic crisis? America, indeed the world, has long since slipped away from the old structures and old assumptions. At some point there will be another serious blow from terrorists. No man can keep us safe from disasters that lie ahead. But you must not be afraid. Faith in God in hard times is most important. Laid out in this album are specific and reasonable things you can do.

This album includes 8 programs on 4 CDs.

  • How to Live in Hard Times
  • Faith for the Hard Times
  • You Must Not be Afraid
  • Will It Take a War?
  • The Courageous Christian
  • Christians in Winter
  • You Can Win
  • Stay Safe