Christian Origins Book 1: The Breakout




Would you like to understand the Bible, but don’t know where or how to start studying it? When you do sit down and read it, you may not understand a lot of what you read, or how it relates to other Scriptures. Maybe you get bogged down in certain sections of the Bible and feel the message or intent is simply not clear. Sometimes studying the Bible seems so complicated and the messages seem far removed from today’s world. Often, you may not relate what you read in the Bible to your own life. Yet, you know that you should study the Bible. And you’d really like for the time you spend in Bible study to be productive, to impart understanding, and to uncover some real gems of truth and encouragement.

CEM has heard you and has recognized these problems. We are now publishing Bible Study books to meet your needs.

This ongoing Bible educational program is intended to be taught beginning with lesson one of book one, The Breakout, and continuing through the series of studies. There are ten lessons in each book. When you or your group completes the fifth lesson, please call CEM at 1-888-BIBLE 44 to order the next set in this series of full color books. There is also an insightful Leader’s Guide which makes it possible for almost anyone to lead the Bible Study discussion.