Black Liberation Theology / Advice for the Preacher


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Black Liberation Theology – Excerpts from Dr. Jeremiah Wright’s sermons that ran unceasingly on television were shocking! Talking heads assured us these were just a few minutes taken out of context. But wait. Can you imagine any context that would justify such inflammatory attacks on the United States of America? There are some pictures that are so ugly that no frame can redeem them. You’ll learn from this CD what jarred me, what the vision statement of Trinity United Church of Christ is, what it’s based upon, and where the responsibility lies for such things as the terrible increase in the percentage of black babies born out of wedlock.

Advice for the Preacher – I don’t have to judge Dr. Jeremiah Wright’s comments, Barack Obama has already done that. Those who posted Dr. Wright’s sermons on the Internet cut off the conclusion where one would expect their preacher to speak to his congregation about how they should respond to the evils he had enumerated. In his 9/11 sermon he said God had told him where to start. Learn from this CD the mistakes I feel Dr. Wright made in this sermon and what his approach should have been.