Biblical Economics / When the Righteous Perish


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Biblical Economics – What would a biblical economic system look like? Some people worry that Christians would like to turn the good old USA into a theocracy. It will never happen—not even close. We have a Constitution, and Christians are happy with the U.S. Constitution. Here is an irony for you: The Constitution, if honored, would allow us all to live a lot closer to a biblical economic system than we currently do. Learn from this CD what such a system did, and would, look like. This is an intriguing lesson in biblical law, history, and economics that you’ll benefit from understanding.

When the Righteous Perish – Peggy Noonan described what New York is like in these days of sharply slowed economy. We have been living in a carnival, an unreal world of wealth and plenty, and now we have to think about a different kind of world. It’s odd that our leaders are pessimistic when they are supposed to mobilize us and hold out hope. Yet we hear words like crisis and catastrophe from leaders who seem more concerned about political power than the welfare of those they lead. The Prophet Isaiah speaks of blind watchmen lacking knowledge, like mute dogs, shepherds who lack understanding, each seeking his own gain. He goes on to say that the righteous perish; devout men are taken away. So we’re not living in a world that will go on to greater and better things. You need to understand how this is brought about.