Beyond Redemption / Leadership Found


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Beyond Redemption – Have you heard it said that Nazi war criminals were convicted and hanged because of the Jews’ testimony against them? That’s simply not true. The most damning evidence at Nuremberg was the Nazis own meticulous record keeping. Learn how none of the defendants at Nuremberg attempted to refute the evidence. They sought instead to explain away their own participation and to shift the blame onto others. The evidence was not circumstantial, it was direct and damning. Justice Jackson said, “What makes this inquest significant is that these prisoners represent sinister influences that will lurk in the world long after their bodies have returned to dust.” Could he have been right? You’ll gain insightful and disturbing knowledge of when the wicked go astray. This message is vital to your understanding.

Leadership Found – Apart from Jesus Christ, David would no doubt be the greatest biblical example of leadership. His name occurs more than 1000 times in the Old Testament alone—easily the most influential and dominant Old Testament figure. A curious fact: no one else in the Bible was named David. It’s almost as if God intended this youngest son, David, to be one of a kind. He was an uncomplicated man who was able to see an issue clearly, go straight to the heart of the matter, and act on it, as he did with Goliath who was defying Israel, the armies of the Living God. Everyone should hear this message time and again—you, your children, and grandchildren. It lays out characteristics of leadership that will inspire you to become a better person—a true leader.