Beauty and the Power to Love / What Christians Have


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Beauty and the Power to Love – Have you noticed how nearly every form of art, music and beauty has become degraded in the past 100 years? There has been a terrible fading of beauty. Look at architecture a century ago and compare it with stuff we’re building today. The American idea of inevitable progress runs into a brick wall. Why? What has changed? Has love been sacrificed on the altar of modernity? Rollo May said, “When men lose the power to love, they substitute power over.” How is this playing out in our society and what impact is it having on you? When we have lost the power to love, to see beauty, how do we get it back? This message will help you understand the two sources of beauty and how to have the power to love.

What Christians Have – “Christ is the answer.” But do you understand how Christ is the answer? Christ is the answer? Christ is the answer to a whole range of human problems. But how does this work? How does Christ rescue a drug addict from the trash heap? How can he save an alcoholic and make him a good husband again? When the Holy Spirit separated Paul and Barnabas and sent them on an evangelistic mission, they didn’t ask for permission. They just did it. And they started turning the world upside down. But how? What was it they had? How did it work? You too can change history. But you need to understand what you have and how to do it.