Beauty and the Power to Love / Islamic Backlash


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Beauty and the Power to Love – Nearly every form of art, music, and beauty has become degraded in the past 100 years. There has been a massive societal change and, along with it, a terrible fading of beauty. Beauty arises from love. Have we sacrificed love on the altar of modernity? Love and beauty are inexorably bound together. What are we substituting for love? How is this impacting our society? How is it impacting your life?

Islamic Backlash – The world is now in a race between the forces of communication and destruction. Democratization of money and information are proceeding at an astonishing pace. Governments and power brokers have lost control of information. After the fax machine was introduced into the Soviet Union, its government could no longer control its people. The Internet is the most powerful tool the world has ever known. The encroachment of the Western culture into the East is having its backlash. You need to understand its tools, and how helpless we are to stop them.

This program is also available in the Sword of Islam series.