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About the Bible – What did the First Christians believe about the Bible? To a Christian, the New Testament books being compiled in the years between about 55 and 70 AD, were written testimonies and Apostles’ letters. It was the third and fourth generation of Christians who began to collect all known apostolic documents in various places into one book which we call the New Testament. This message will give you valuable insights into how and when the Holy Scriptures were put together, as well as the language in which they were written. Among other things, you will learn that “the authority of Scripture” is shorthand for “God’s authority exercised through Scripture.” If you want to better understand the Bible, this CD is essential.

To Honor God – Israel had returned to their homeland after a generation in exile. God gave them the task to repair the Temple and restore worship. The Temple was symbolic—a center of worship, a reminder of who God is, and what was important about life. But life wasn’t working very well for them. They were in the middle of an economic failure, not unlike where we find ourselves today. Before going into exile, prophets from Isaiah to Jeremiah to Ezekiel told them why this would happen, but they didn’t listen. So, God sent Haggai with a message that answers the whys of our economic woes as well. You need to hear this urgent message that is so relevant in today’s economic crisis.