Abortion and Lies / The Abortion War


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Abortion and Lies – In the great debate that is going on in our land over questions of life and choice, there has to be common ground somewhere. Until recently, you might have thought that common ground would be found on the issue of infanticide. Why would anyone decry infanticide, but lobby hard to defend a procedure called partial birth abortion? And why lie about what the procedure is? Should we be surprised that proponents of partial birth abortion would choose a lie over the truth? Learn how the Bible reveals that God knew us before we were even formed in the womb. The indictment of Israel of old reads as if it were written yesterday for our people. Find out what God had to say to Israel then, and why it matters to us today.

This program is also available in the The End Time Culture series.

The Abortion War – An Illinois attorney general candidate made a campaign promise to “go after” phony crisis pregnancy centers. This signaled that it was time to look deeper into this issue. Pro-choice people are on one side, with stated goals to combat deceptive practices and prevent unlicensed practice of medicine. Pregnancy centers are on another. You need to take a closer look at what both sides are saying in one of the greatest battles of our time. This Born to Win message explores why centers aren’t allowed to try to persuade young women not to have an abortion.