A Non-Christian Easter / Three Days and Three Nights


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A Non-Christian Easter – Did you realize that the first Christians did not have anything like our Easter celebrations today? What do rabbits and colored eggs have to do with Christ and his resurrection, anyway? In this fascinating and informative study, Ronald L. Dart provides great detail and intriguing historical facts to explain the transformation of the early Christian Passover celebration to the modern Easter celebration. The rich symbolism of the events of the Passover are beautifully illuminated and explained. Have you made the momentous connection between Jesus Christ and the Wave Sheaf offering mentioned in the Bible? It’s crucial that you do. Full of facts from your Bible and from history, this is a CD every Christian should have.

Three Days and Three Nights – Listen as Ronald L. Dart takes the role of lawyer to present to the court evidence from the Gospel accounts concerning the death and resurrection of Jesus. The courtroom drama develops as the testimonies of the witnesses are compared and combined to produce an accurate and clear picture of that epic three-day event. How important is it that Jesus was a full three days and three nights in the tomb? Can you get that time span between Friday sunset and Sunday morning? Explore other New Testament resurrection stories for the illumination shed on Christ’s own death, burial and resurrection.