A Mother to Remember / Cold Comfort


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A Mother to Remember – This heartrending story of a mother’s love will move you to tears. Her son was a homeless drug addict. Like any loving mother, she wanted to know where he was and how he was doing. Her endless search was heroic and one she wasn’t going to give up. She set out time and again to find him. To hear the rest of the story you need to get this message. It will be one you’ll never forget.

This program is also available in the Marriage and Family series.

Cold Comfort – God never sent a prophet to people to tell them how well they were doing. So when a prophet showed up on the scene, it was generally bad news. When King Ahab, for example, saw Elijah walking his way, he said, “Have you found me, O my enemy?” True to form, disaster was coming on Ahab. So when you pick up your Bible to read, you aren’t picking up short term comfort. God does not want us to have it easy. God is after much more than merely saving our miserable hides. Get this radio program and learn what it is.