A Man of Understanding / Poverty and the Christian


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A Man of Understanding – What generates so much hostility in some people of faith? Why is it that, when faced with a different belief, people don’t adopt one of two rational responses: indifference, or curiosity? Why get angry or hostile? Those approaches will go nowhere. Learn the safe answers and what a humble man who understands might say. You will also Learn whether you only have to listen to or read those things with which you agree.

Poverty and the Christian – Are you aware of what is going on in the Christian world? Did you know that the Seventh Day Adventist church and other Sabbatarian denominations are growing much more strongly in the Southern Hemisphere than in the North? But why? Africa, it seems, along with much of the developing world, has sensed a need for authority that is derived from someone higher than man. They are more conservative in beliefs and moral teaching than are the mainstream churches of the Global North. Learn what is leading them to a more biblical Christianity. What can you learn from this?