A Lying Madness / Faith for the Hard Times


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A Lying Madness – The human mind has a built-in system of logic. We process information in a logical way. But when we start feeding lies into that system, we corrupt the mind. What about Saddam Hussein and his nuclear weapons? The left want to believe that Bush lied us into that war. No one seems to want to believe that Saddam himself believed he had them. If Saddam had admitted that he had no nukes, and no significant chemical or biological weapons, he would have been seen in the Arab world as a toothless, clawless tiger. What about other despots? Learn what the Bible has to say about this.

Faith for the Hard Times – We are heading into some very hard times. A lot of people are going to die, perhaps in the millions, and there doesn’t seem to be any way for the governments to avoid it. A historical pattern keeps repeating itself. Small men ascend to power and the power makes them crazy—Hitler, Stalin, Hugo Chavez, Ahmadinejad, the petty tin pot leaders of Hezbollah, and the pot-bellied tyrant who rules North Korea—just to name a few. The English speaking powers can only do so much to head this off. The rest of the world, and part of our own, seems determined on the same course. What can you do to save your hide and that of your family? Get a CD of this broadcast and you’ll have a step-by-step action plan. This has been one of our most ordered broadcasts.

This program is also available in the Christians in Winter series.