A Legal Christmas / Christians in Winter


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A Legal Christmas – I am absolutely amazed at how thin skinned atheists are. They are offended by the very word “God.” In the words of Shakespeare, “Methinks milady protesteth overmuch.” What is this holiday all about? Supposedly it is about the birth of one Jesus the Christ. Something odd is going on here. It is the proverbial elephant in the living room that no one talks about. There is a national Christmas tree on the lawn of the White House, government offices are closed on that day, kids are out of school, but the Ten Commandments aren’t allowed in courthouses. But did you notice that Christmas is another form of Christ and Mass? Christ being the God of the Christian faith, and Mass a purely religious ceremony. Learn more about this giant example of hypocrisy in the courts and why it exists.

Christians in Winter – Do you realize that we have been living in rare economic good times for the past 50 years? Foolish people have been spending way beyond their means, helped along by government programs and investors that are masters at creating counterfeit wealth. Few people recognized the bubble that was being created. Those who did weren’t listened to. What is coming is more like normal times, where people will have to live within their means and lines of credit won’t be available. The success of government programs during the Great Depression is questionable. It may become increasingly evident that government is not our friend. Harder times may be coming. Take heart. Learn how this can be good for Christians.

This program is also available in the Christians in Winter series.