A Godless Nation / The Da Vinci Deception


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A Godless Nation – Was Jesus a Liberal or a Conservative? Can we describe Jesus in political terms when He said, “My kingdom is not of this world”? He also said, “Ye are the light of the world.” Christians must speak to the world and its issues, or we aren’t doing our job. When we do, people hang a label on us. Hanging a label is easier than thinking about what you say. This country has become increasingly polarized. The dominant issue is religion – secularists against religious people – a religious war. You need to understand how moral issues are driving the fight.

This program is also available in the Let Freedom Ring series.

The Da Vinci Deception – This fictional book is not even an historical novel. It attacks the very foundations of the Christian faith in general, and the Catholic Church in particular. One smart priest and a number of Evangelicals see it as an opportunity to ground their people in their faith. Admired characters in this book espouse certain views that are never opposed by a credible opponent. Learn how the author has the wrong angle on goddess worship and sexual mysticism, and what the shocking truth is.