A God Forgotten / Taking God Seriously


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A God Forgotten – What do you do when you cut loose from God? How do you live? What guides your decisions? How can you tell right from wrong? The law of Moses underlay the foundation of this country. We have forgotten that, and we have not instilled this love of law into our children. The Bible warns repeatedly what will happen when we forget God. We pervert our ways. What is the alternative to the rule of law? Might this country come to be ruled by a dictator, king, or emperor? Have we as a nation grown too weary to pay the price of liberty?

Taking God Seriously (sermon) – Should we take God seriously? It seems a silly question, but a lot of people don’t take God seriously. We are dealing with someone who, in the blink of an eye, can create a universe 13 or 14 billion light years across. God claims he owns it all. He doesn’t need anything from us. So what does God want from us?