A Flash of Wisdom / Christian Holidays #22


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A Flash of Wisdom – You can’t go to school and take a course in wisdom. Solomon speaks of wisdom as a woman. She is everywhere, every day. One moment you don’t see something, and the next, you do. Why? Wisdom habitually ignored won’t be there when you need her most. It is in the rare quiet moments that flashes of wisdom come our way. You need to understand that Solomon speaks of two women in the Book of Proverbs. Who is the other woman, what can you learn from these two women, and what does wisdom offer you?

Christian Holidays #22 – Would it surprise you to learn that during the time the New Testament was being written, the entire Christian Church observed the seventh day Sabbath? The Sabbath wasn’t just a doctrine to change, but was irrevocable. For Jews to change the Sabbath to another day was tantamount to changing their God. The Sabbath had a theology to go with it. A clear statement about the change from the Sabbath to Sunday should have been laid out with a moment in time when Jews and Christians were to no longer observe the Sabbath, but worship on the first day of the week. Yet there is no such statement in the New Testament. Get this most important message and learn if the Sabbath was “nailed to the cross.”

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